Rebuilding webpages – updating of webpages / online shops


In case you are bored with your current webpage you can contact us for the issue of rebuilding and modernisation of both webpages and online shops. We will rebuild your webpage so that you could manage its content on its own using the CMS management panel.

 We deal with rebuilding webpages and online shops in terms of:


  • change of graphical design into a new one
  • increasing the number of sub-pages
  • installation of a new language
  • installation of new modules and Internet applications
  • providing advertising banners
  • creating company E-mails with the name of one’s own domain
  • creating contact forms
  • providing moving images and animations (e.g. flash and gif)
  • optimising the webpage for the Client’s needs

We provide an all-inclusive technical support for your webpage or online shop. Our Lumi Technology Team is always happy and eager to help you with our knowledge. For this sole purpose we have also provided the outsourcing method of support.