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  1. WEBPAGES CREATED USING NEWEST TECHNOLOGIES. As the name ‘LUMI Technology’ suggests we always aim at providing newest technologies for the use of our Clients.

  3. FULL SERVICE – from web design to hosting, updating services, advertising and internet marketing. We also deal with creating office software optimised for a particular Customer. We make sure that all our Clients are satisfied – both individual and small firm, government organisation, or a large corporation. That is why each of our projects is realised individually with the aim that the Client be satisfied and made use of our services again

  5. EASY COMMUNICATION – We have various options that all aim at adapting to the Client free time possibilities:
    – first solution: meeting and coming to terms in the Client’s head office as for creating webpages. Commution to the Client and consulting FOR FREE!
    – second solution: meeting with the Client in our head office in Nysa. Visit us and enjoy the time with a cup of coffee.
    – third option: E-mail or phone communication with the Client – the most frequently chosen solution these days especially when creating projects for firms and companies located on the other end of Poland or oversea companies.

  7. COMPETITIVE PRICES – Our prices are adapted to the size of the service that a potential Customer wants to have. It is ideal if you are beginning your business and want to broaden your service range. Contact with us, tell us what you want and we will calculate the price for the job to be done.

  9. ACCOMPLISHMENT TIME – we pay a lot of our attention to meet the deadlines and since the beginning of our work all the projects have been accomplished on fixed time of what we are extremely proud. A standard time-span for accomplishing the creation of a webpage is two weeks from the point of providing us with all the necessary materials by the Client

  11. PROFESSIONAL TEAM OF EXPERTS – our firm includes experts in the special fields of IT, graphics and Internet marketing. As a result, your webpage will be professionally prepared at all those levels. All the webpages created by us are characterised by an eye-catching graphic design, easy navigation and functionality. There is always a person in our firm that will be dealing with your project even after one or ten years since its accomplishment.

  13. PROFESSIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE – we deal with each Client individually. We advise them as far as their Internet business is concerned. Your success is also our success.

  15. WE ONLY PROVIDE FUNCTIONAL WEBSITES – all websites are created in a way to be properly optimised for Google search engines and other engines, which means that they be better noticeable for them. It goes in hand with a lot work from our side but it is worthwhile. We always propose our CMS panels for managing the text and adding galleries. Having such panels, our Clients can easily change the content of the website on their own and completely free of charge. As a result you can upload your updated price lists, adverts and change them whenever you want! The panel itself is extremely easy in handling so even a complete beginner can use it without any problems.

  17. REACHING OVERSEA MARKETS – websites projected and created by us can have multi-language menu and content. The European market is being steadily conquered by lots of Polish firms and companies. We can help you join these. We are currently working with advertising companies in the UK, the Czech Republic and Germany.

  19. FLEXIBLE WEBPAGES – creating webpages for your company we are actually thinking about its future. It is possible for each website we create to add multiple sub-sites without the need of adding or creating another main website. It is extremely important to think about it right now as your company business growth means more content to be provided to your potential Clients.

  21. WARRANTY – each website that is designed and created by us is provided with a year-long warranty period. It means that within this period of time each possible defect are being removed. Our firm offers and guarantees nice, professional and a beneficial long-term co-operation.


Professional webpages optimised for the Customer’s needs


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