Dedicated software for firms


Thanks to dedicated software in your firm you have better chances for saving your money and increasing the incomes of your company. Business software requires to become acquainted with the firm structure and its functioning for the purpose of bringing advantages such as:




  • perfect matching with the firm’s activity and specification,
  • it is easy for the software to be developed along with the development of the firm,
  • the software is provided only with the functions to be used by the firm (no pointless investment in unnecessary functions)
  • you can easily and quickly find the data you need, which will save your time considerably and eliminate all the errors and mistakes!

Examples of a dedicated software

Each company has its own activity profile to which creating and choosing the software should be directly connected. For instance, creating a booking system for a beauty shop one must to take under consideration the number of working places, accessibility of employees, etc..

The other example can be the clients database of the firm which simplifies and makes it quicker to find all the relevant data and details. It then offers a considerable reduction of time, most of which has been used until now for searching visiting cards and the notes in the notebook.

Also warehouses of your company will constantly be well-stocked thanks to a professionally programmed software. Also, the will be no more cases when the works in the company will have to be stopped due to the lack of materials.

The number of dedicated software is so vast as vast is the number of companies operating in the world. We can program a software or a system for your firm even today!

Steps of software creating

Creating the software is a very complex process, where one of the most important issues is the communication between the designer and the client. It enables a proper estimation of the functional requirements of the system at the very beginning of the designing process. The creation process of all IT systems follows according to the steps of:

  • estimating the system requirements whereby the client provide all the system requirements to analysts,
  • programme specification (where the full specification of the software is provided, that is its functioning. The specification is agreed with the client and then the plan and the schedule follows,
  • designing (we create the project of the dedicated IT system, modules and relations. There is a possibility of changes in the specification. The changes are then to be negotiated with the client,
  • implementation (coding of the programme)
  • integration (testing the software)
  • conservation (accepting the software by the client, its installation and training of employees

Dedicated software for your firm

Designing and creating software we put our special attention towards data safety and the quality of the system functioning. The stable functionality of our products ensures the stability of your firm. The software created exclusively for your company supports fast and safe information flow between employees of the firm or in contacts with clients.

Office software created on order gives your firm the warranty of investing in devices and tools speeding up the work. You can decide for yourself what your system is to contain and what options and functions you do not need. It does not matter whether the software is adapted for bigger or smaller firms as all the programmes written on order always help in functionality and also provide long-term money-saving solution, which has not been available till now. Our programmes can support office, storehouse / warehouse, utility works.

For our clients we also create ordinary software as well as Internet applications (also called ‘web applications’), which are operated by a web browser.


It is your decision of how your own programme is to look. It is also your decision of what functions and options it should contain. Therefore you decide how much you pay and you do not have to pay for any additional functions.

It is both you and your firm that mark the way the software is developed. You do not have to install any unnecessary updates, but you can quickly add any new functions in case they are needed.