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Having your own widely available E-mail for the company’s purpose, that is wp, Onet, or Interia, etc., does not look nowadays very professionally in the eyes of potential clients or suppliers. Therefore, we should take into consideration from what E-mail address we send our offers when it comes for caring for the professional image of our company. It is a small, yet extremely important element that helps us to create a proper company image. Using firm E-mails we are then perceived as fully reliable and our company assures our clients that it exists.



How to create your own firm E-mail?
  1. For this purpose you will have to have an Internet domain. It enables you to get a unique E-mail address, for instance, Providing yourself with a domain is not a very costly issue nowadays.
  2. Internet hosting (server). Depending on the size of an E-mail account that we want to have, the size of our server should be respectively large. Usually E-mails are downloaded on your computer using special programmes such as Outlook. It offers you the comfort of reading and sending E-mails without the need of logging in via the website. We sell our hostings with servers for about 140 zł + VAT per one for a year (about 33 EUR / 26,5 GBP). Such a hosting allows you to have 50 company E-mail addresses (e.g. for office, info, enquiries, marketing, offer, shop, contact and so on). Inside the panel you receive from us you can create all the E-mails that you need using a user-friendly and easy way. In case you would like, we can also create them all for you. On the same server you can also have your own website or an on-line shop. For more information on this issue see the pages on Internet webpages or Online shops.

The second option for having a company E-mail is moving only the E-mail account on a lot bigger one (even to 7 GB). It is enough to attach or send large attachments and managing the E-mail without the need of deleting mails for a long time. Such an E-mail has an easy on-line access (you only need to type ‘yourdomain/e-mail’ and you are redirected to your E-mail account. Our offer includes an additional user’s manual of a ‘large company E-mail’. On our offer there is also the possibility of unlimited amouunt of E-mails to be stored. Preparing and setting up such a large account with a company E-mail is performed free of charge for all our clients. Please remember that for setting up your own company E-mail you need both the domain and hosting.



Can I have a company E-mail if I do not have the company yet?

Yes. If at the beginning of arranging all the formalities you give your new company E-mail at once, it will undoubtedly help and make the process of searching clients or suppliers for your activity more efficient and quick. A person that receives your E-mail almost always looks what address it was sent from. If it is a company E-mail it gives a more respectful and reliable impression, than in case of an E-mail from a default account that can be created in a blinking of an eye. Another advantage of providing your company E-mail is the possibility of putting it on a visiting card. The E-mail such as office@yourdomain, info@yourdomain is surely better that the ordinary or

In case you are interested in obtaining a company E-mail for your company, please contact us and we will help you in:

  • choosing a domain;

  • buying and registering it on your name or the name of your company;

  • we will providing the hosting solution on the server in Poland (we also deal with overseas hosting solutions on a foreign server);

  • we will instruct you how to properly set up E-mails or we will help you in doing so;

  • we can even add a text on a home page: the site is under construction or any other. As a result, everything looks professionally.

Why is it worthwhile to have a company E-mail? You can:

  • you can create the image of your company;
  • search for potential clients via your company E-mail;
  • book the domain name for your future company. Without doing so, it may later turn out that someone have already bought it;
  • look professionally when contacting your clients and other companies.

On our offer we have also various other services especially prepared for firms, companies and institutions. We provide designing and creating solutions for advertising banners, advertisements, Internet articles for both advertising campaigns and for Internet marketing. We offer comprehensive and reliable solutions for SEO optimisation for Google search engine.

Moreover, our clients can search for a wide variety of offers related to designing and creating visiting cards, leaflets, posters, car advertisements both with a printed description or without it. Our firm can create, edit and design of templates for websites, on-line shops, Internet portals and so on.

We deal with an extensive service of rebuilding websites, adding language menus, subpages and others. Aside of all of this we also provide the possibility of purchasing servers including the dedicated ones, purchasing domains for clients and subsequent SEO positioning, updating descriptions of products, site content and the widely understood marketing.

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