On-line shops to Germany, France, UK & Czech Republic



 Designing on-line shops to Germany, France, Czech Republic & UK


Designing on-line shops is a very extensive and complex process which aims at creating a professional portrait of the tradesman. It also means matching all individual functions and parameters of a given shop.

We have been asked to project an Internet shop in German only for presenting such extraordinary products as handmade metal works. For the purpose of this shop we proposed the layout in pastel colours. It enabled us to highlight the values and the beauty of products being sold. An interesting and practical item of the shop is the Flash animation that allows to present all the products and their various usage options.

The range of our services and clients is continuously being updated and therefore broadened. We are offering our services to various corners of Europe. Creating an on-line shop for our German client made us happy and satisfied with the work. On-line shops for Germany, France, the Czech Republic, UK and other European countries are offered to other destination groups than those in Poland. Therefore, the shops need to be matched properly to a given receiver market.


Designing on-line shop – on-line shops to Germany, France, Czech Republic & UK