Functional web pages. Creating webpages for building services


Creating webpages for acoustic building services


A web portal designed for a building company with a long-term experience. The company deals mainly with finishing services for all sorts of interiors and the subsequent acoustic insulation. The red layout of the web page reflects the dynamics and strength of this rapidly developing company. On the upper part of the page and under the banner there are the main buttons such as ‘Start’, ‘About us’, ‘Gallery’ and ‘Contact’.

On the left side the links have been provided which contain the whole range of services on the company’s offer. Such an arrangement of the menu content simplifies the navigation on the site and searching for all the relevant information that a particular Client may need. It also prevents from chaotic searching. The gallery consists of photos thanks to which the potential Client can see the accomplished projects. It is also possible to view materials that the company uses for the building services. There is a lot of useful functions such as ‘question form’ or ‘contact form’.