Creating webpages for private persons in Nysa

Creating webpages for private persons in Nysa



Creating webpages for private persons is one of the solutions for presenting yourself and your interests.


We have been asked to design and create a webpage for a private person allowing the presentation of plots for sale. During the creation of the webpage we offered our client an optimisation process and the positioning service in order for the presentation to be quicker.

We have created the webpage for two days since obtaining all the necessary materials from our client. We have used the following actions: purchase and configuration of the domain, setting up the CMS software and optimising the server. We have also provided the graphical design, photo processing, scanning of the received materials, laying under the photos and materials, consulting with the client on the issues concerning his webpage and its optimisation process, as well as settling of accounts and the subsequent delivery of the webpage to the client.

The webpage consists on the basic sub-pages, that is, the home page, the description of plots divided into categories (building and industrial), as well as contact. It all resulted in a clear and easy way of presentation of the plots of our client. We used the graphic design in green in order not to distract of the people watching the page. All the information have been underlined and categorised according to the requirements of the client.

We do our best to provide all our clients (both private and institutional clients) services they would be satisfied with. Our main aim is to provide unbeatable prices that are dependent on the size of the webpage.

In case you want to know the details of how much it would cost to design and create a webpage that would meet your expectations in informing about your interests, a newly opened club, pub, restaurant and other attractions – we invite you to come to our home office at Piłsudskiego 62A st. in Nysa (acces from Czarneckiego st.)



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